What Takes the Whiteness Out of My Smile?

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Did you know there are things in the world today that can take the whiteness out of your smile? Well, it’s true! This means you need to keep those things in mind on a regular basis so you can maintain the white and brilliant smile you deserve. Some things that can stain and darken your smile include:

Dark Foods and Drinks: There are many beverages that can change the color of your smile, and some of those beverages are coffee, tea, and red wine. These drinks have two things in common: They have intense color pigments called chromogens, which are the cause of your tooth discoloration. There are also many foods in the world that can darken your smile, including dark berries, certain pasta sauces, and balsamic vinegar.

Tobacco Products: Tobacco products are major culprits of tooth stains. Tar and nicotine, which are the two chemicals found in the products, stain the surfaces of your teeth and turn your smile yellow. It’s best to avoid tobacco at all costs.

Age: Throughout time, your teeth begin to wear down. As your tooth enamel wears away, the yellowish area underneath the enamel starts to show. This area is called dentin. The more your enamel disappears, the yellower your smile will be.

Sometimes these things can darken your smile without you even realizing it. If this is the case for you, it’s best to quit smoking (if smoking is the reason for your discoloration) and use teeth-whitening products. Those products are whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, or whitening gels. The most effective treatment that can whiten your smile is a professional whitening treatment.

Luckily, we offer a professional whitening treatment at Nicholas A. Jamison II DDS. If you’re interested in this treatment or if you would like to know more about teeth whitening in Greeley, Colorado, please remember that you can always call our office at 970-506-1122 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II. We are happy to help you achieve the white and brilliant smile you deserve!