Tobacco Use Can Significantly Contribute to the Development of Dental Stains

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Dental stains that appear on your front teeth can certainly impact your self-image. At the same time, a significantly stained smile with unsightly shades of yellow, brown, or gray can rarely be resolved by retail strength tooth whitening products.

While their graphics and marketing claims might be tempting, these whitening products will likely prove insufficient for removing dental stains from tobacco use. Some of the stronger options could potentially harm your teeth and other oral tissues.

If your teeth have been significantly altered by tobacco stains, Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II can perform a dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents and professional techniques used by Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II and his team are strong enough to remove tobacco stains from deep within your tooth enamel, without harming your mouth.

Afterward, it would be wise to embrace a tobacco cessation program. This will help reduce your chances of suffering future dental stains, while also helping to reduce your chances of suffering undue oral and medical health problems.

If you are in the Greeley, Colorado area, and you have dental stains from excessive tobacco use, you should call 970-506-1122 to set up a dental bleaching treatment at the dental offices of Nicholas A. Jamison II DDS.