The Best Smiles are Possible with Dental Crowns

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Absent are the days that the finest of teeth can be relied upon for a lifetime’s worth of pain and suffering. No more must you live with dying teeth and frequent extractions, as dental crowns can protect and cover teeth that otherwise would fail.

The best smiles are possible with dental crowns care. Facts about dental crowns include:

– Dental crowns are capable of holding broken bits of teeth together that otherwise would serve no functional purpose and would need to be extracted.
– Dental crowns can hold fillings in a tooth when a tooth’s size is less than the filling itself.
– Dental crowns can be tailored to mimic the look, shape, and function for the teeth that they have replaced.
– Thanks to their design, dental crowns can help guard your mouth against tooth decay and gum disease.
– Dental crowns entirely conceal a tooth down to the gum line on all sides.
– Frequently, dental crowns can last over twenty years and are easily replaced if damaged or knocked loose.

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