Supplying Simple Oral Care Items Can Compliment Your First-Aid Kit

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Every member of the staff at Nicholas A. Jamison II DDS is dedicated to helping people maintain good oral health. Good oral hygiene habits are an important first line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease. At the same time, preparing your first-aid kits to handle oral trauma emergencies will help you be better prepared to provide care and reduce chances of complications.

To that end, Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II recommends adding some of the following items to your first-aid kit. While you can never prevent an oral trauma from befalling you or a loved one, there are still things you can do to provide timely care.

Waxed dental floss is the very first item to consider stocking. It can be a very helpful tool for removing food particles or foreign objects from between teeth or the gumline. The waxy coating makes it easier to insert the strand and it reduces the chances of injuring your gums. You might want to also consider keeping a floss threader in the kit. This will allow you to work around the foreign object from a different angle.

In a situation where a dental trauma has knocked a tooth out, Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II might be able to implant the tooth back into the socket. However, this is only possible if it is intact and still alive. While you can keep the tooth living by holding it between your tongue and cheek, the tooth-perseveration products sold in stores will do an even better job!

Keeping salt packets and a collapsible cup in your kit will also allow you to quickly prepare a saltwater rinse. This can help clear detritus and stray blood from your mouth to help you examine and assess the damage caused by an oral trauma.

Topical oral analgesic can be rubbed onto your gums to partially numb the area for a short time. You might want to also keep a few zip-top bags and a washcloth in your first-aid kit to improvise a cold compress.

If you have questions about how to provide quality first-aid for oral accidents or dental trauma in Greeley, Colorado, you can always call 970-506-1122 to speak to the staff at Nicholas A. Jamison II DDS. Our dental professionals work hard to provide the best dental care for you and your smile.