How a Dental Bridge Can Help Your Smile

If you have lost one or more permanent teeth, Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II may recommend a dental bridge in Greeley, Colorado, to restore your smile. A dental bridge consists of a replacement tooth with a dental crown on either side. The crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap to… Read more »

Chewing Gum: How it Helps Your Oral Health

Did you know that you’ll need to brush and floss your teeth every day if you’re hoping to keep your teeth healthy? While you might know that keeping your smile clean should be an important part of protecting your oral health, did you know that some of the things you eat could have an impact… Read more »

Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy and Strong by Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Sadly, baby bottle tooth decay is a common dental issue among many infants and toddlers. This causes severe pain and discomfort and an altered oral health. If you want your child to have a strong and beautiful smile, then you need to do all you can to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. To help you… Read more »

A Porcelain Crown Might Be Needed for the Cosmetic Restoration of an Unappealing Tooth

Your smile’s appearance plays a particular role in your social interactions. Many people in the Greeley, Colorado, area with a cosmetically unappealing tooth will consult with Dr. Nicholas A. Jamison II to explore their options for restoring the tooth’s appearance. For a single tooth that has been marred by discoloration, a mismatched filling, or a… Read more »

Cavity Prevention on Back Teeth is Improved by Dental Sealants

As a parent, all levels of your child’s health are important to you. This includes helping them maintain good oral health through the prevention of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Instilling good oral hygiene habits and bringing them to Nicholas A. Jamison II DDS twice a year for a dental checkup are critical first steps… Read more »

How to Take Care of Your Toothbrush

Did you know that brushing is vital to your oral health? Did you know that most dentists suggest brushing your teeth twice every day for two minutes at a time? Similarly, did you know that you should start brushing in a different part of your smile every day? However, while brushing properly is extremely important,… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Can Often Be Linked to Enamel Erosion

Your tooth enamel is a dense mineral structure that gives your teeth the ability to chew food and prevent bacteria and tooth decay from afflicting the living elements of the tooth. As you go about your average day, the bacteria living in your mouth and the acidic foods and beverages you consume can start to… Read more »

What Takes the Whiteness Out of My Smile?

Did you know there are things in the world today that can take the whiteness out of your smile? Well, it’s true! This means you need to keep those things in mind on a regular basis so you can maintain the white and brilliant smile you deserve. Some things that can stain and darken your… Read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Requires Immediate First Aid and Treatment

Your teeth are anchored in their sockets by the roots and a series of very strong periodontal ligaments. This gives them the strength and integrity to bite and chew very hard foods. While it is rare, there are times when a blow to the face or other oral trauma can impose enough force on a… Read more »

A Tooth with a Bad Filling May Need to Be Restored by a Crown

Fillings tend to have a limited lifespan. Poor oral hygiene habits can encourage the natural bacteria living in your mouth to attack the dental adhesive holding a filling to the surrounding enamel. When this happens, the bacteria can invade the seam and create a cavity. Sometimes you can notice this because of a gray color… Read more »