Oral Health Advisory: Plaque

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Are you aware of what plaque is and what it can do to your oral health? Plaque consists of a sticky film that lays across your teeth and slowly contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. This is because plaque is made up of food particles and debris along with bacteria. Through these substances, various foods and drinks you consume can be broken down and transformed into harmful acids that will eat through your tooth enamel.

Treating plaque includes making sure that all debris is removed from your mouth. Eventually, plaque can begin to deteriorate your tooth enamel to the point that tooth loss will occur. Furthermore, extensive gum disease has been known to develop because of untreated plaque buildup.

To help eliminate plaque that may be present in your mouth, always make sure to practice and effective oral hygiene routines that include brushing and flossing daily. Only by making sure your mouth is free of debris can you help eliminate plaque and plaque-related ailments.

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